Core Services

Beautiful Designs

Creating user friendly, captivating, and engaging graphic design to enhance the usability, resources, and message you want to deliver.


Push Studios is a state-of-the-art multimedia design and programming studio specializing in engaging, interactive, and effective educational applications, interactive games, quizzes, and much more.

Project Management

We provide the personal attention, accuracy, and quick turnaround timesd that we know publishers and businesses demand.

Other Expertise

Push Studios can offer you a wide range of services to help you reach your goals quickly and professionally. Our goal is to make you look fantastic! Some of the other services and capabilities we offer:


From layout to typographic choices, It's critical how your message appears to your audience.

Illustration and Animation

We offer clever concepts and images in up-to-date formats that will help your message come to life!


Since 1997, we have been offering our clients the very best and innovative ways to communicate their message. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and fulfilling their needs with top-notch project management, personal attention, and cutting edge coding and software.

Additional Services

We offer services in Art Direction, Audio/Video Production, Voice Over Recording, Music Creation and Production, full Acrobat and PDF solutions, along with editing and repurposing older assets for new use.

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Extensive Portfolio

See a sample of some of our past work below.

Client List

We have worked with some of the largest and most prestigious publishers and clients in the business, including: Scholastic Publishing Library, MacMillan/McGraw-Hill, McGraw-Hill/Glencoe, McGraw-Hill Education, Grolier, Thomson/Cengage, Harcourt Education, Scott Foresman, Hampton Brown, VPG/Vital Source Media Services, Carson Delosa, just to name a few. . .

Interactive Timeline - McGraw-Hill

An extensive series of interactive timelines from many eras with clickable milestones for students to read.

Grolier Online Marketing

An in-depth sales presentation created in Flash highlighting their new online encyclopedia aimed at schools and student use.

Carson Delosa Quick Start Tutorial

An online tutorial for teachers accessing their lesson plan portal.

MGH Adult Education

An HTML5/CSS/Javascript professional development site for teachers and faculty.

MGH Sociology

A huge set of Flash interactive templated assets - lessons, charts, videos, 360 degree panoramamas, worksheets, etc. - for student online access to accompany the Sociology library of textbooks. We also created the similar assets for the Psychology and Geography departments.

Custom Quizz

A shell asset that supports multiple choice and true/false questions with distractors. These were designed to repurposed with faculty loading in different subjects and content. Full scoring and feedback implementation was coded in.

About us

  • September 1997 Our Humble Beginnings

    Push Studios Inc. opens for business as a graphic arts company. Time to upgrade to a nicer Mac!

  • January 2007 Paying Our Dues

    Working with New England Typographic Services, we put in time learning typography, image editing, proofing, prepress, Flash, HTML, CSS, XML coding, project management, and so much more working within the educational publishing industry.

  • March 2011 Ever Expanding

    We're 'all in' offering major publishers complete multimedia services, including Flash, HTML5/CSS/JS, Audio Production, VIdeo Production, and more. Developed the W.I.T. battle cry - "Whatever it Takes"!

  • January 2016 Our Triumph

    Our journey continues as we offer Graphic Design, Multimedia programming, and web presence to our clients in this ever-changing tech environment.

  • At Your Service

    You are our greatest asset!

    Eric Applebaum

    Top Banana

    Give us a call, reach out with an email, or text me at your convenience. Let us know how we can help you deliver your message to the world. We'll make it easy and we'll make you look like a million bucks!

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